Design Your Own Loan

We give you multiple areas of configuration once you apply allowing you to sculpt a loan to your own exact specifications. Why try and fit a payment or interest rate that doesn’t work for you when you can build your own perfect loan. You get choose all the options from term length to payment and interest rates.

Areas of control

Here a just a few of the options your can customize

Loan Term

Choose your own loan term ranging from just a few weeks to long term installment loans as long as 2 years or more. A loan should fit your financial needs that’s why we let you design your own.

Interest Rate

Even for people with bad credit and no credit. Even for those who needs loans but can’t get a checking account we have customizable interest rate options to ensure there’s a loan that you can afford.

Monthly Payment

A loan you can’t afford to repay doesn’t do you any favors. Customize when and how much you pay to fit your budget and your schedule so you can successfully complete your personal loan.

Custom Options

The length, term, interest rate, and payment are only a few of the options that can be configured to meet your exact needs, After you apply a specialist will help you craft the perfect loan.